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$80 includes (1) cubic yard of compost and application covering up-to 700 sq ft. 
Nearly 80% of our service calls require between 3-5 cubic yards.
Lawns won't grow more dirt so that's why there's 10 reasons to have it Top-Dressed         
 with Black Kow Compost

1. Improves moisture retention during dry spells reducing watering times
2. Reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers
3. Protects roots during cold snaps
4. Helps eliminate excessive thatch
5. Invites beneficial earthworms
6. Improves root development
7. Black Kow Compost is 97% weed-free
8. Organic Fertilizer is people & pet friendly
9. A proven method of building up top-soil with nutrients
10. Promotes top-running turf to fill in bare-spots and trouble areas