Advantages of Pine Straw

1.Neat Appearance – Stays put and does not wash away with rain or blow away

2.Weed Suppressant – Keeps weeds at bay when
applied correctly

3.Moisture Retention – Allows water to get to the soil and holds it in

4.Cool Roots – Facilitates root growth by maintaining or cooling plant temperature

5.Erosion Control – Holds soil where grass doesn't grow 

6.Renewable Resource – Sustains forests because trees do not have to be cut down 

7.Visually Appealing – Adds color, contrast and texture to landscape 

8.Environmentally Friendly – Breaks down naturally and becomes part of the soil

9.Pest Free – Contrary to common myths it does not attract bugs, rodents or snakes. 
(We've heard it all)

 One bale covers approximately 25-30 Sq.Ft. at  3" 
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(2 cuft bags)